The Nuneaton Warwickshire Wildlife Sanctuary provides care, a haven and hope for sick and injured birds and animals. Our collection of needy, yet rewarding creatures is vast and varied but includes our notorious and much publicised parrot with a colourful vocabulary, Barney (pictured middle left, on this page), Roxy the fox who believes she’s a dog (also pictured with her best friend Jasmine) amongst many, many others. Barney though is definitely the celebrity here, after the BBC, Telegraph and many other media ran stories about him and his extraordinary words use. We keep Barney indoors when children and dignitaries visit, particularly the vicar!

Our aim here at The Nuneaton Warwickshire Wildlife Sanctuary is to provide the best environment possible for the recuperation and rehoming of the birds and animals that come to us from members of the public, the police, rescue services and others. We never put animals to sleep unless the circumstances and suffering call for it and we survive solely on the kindness and donations of well-wishers.

We encourage visitors to come along and spend time simply enjoying the animals and birds or to adopt one if their circumstances permit this. We ensure regular veterinary check-ups and vaccinations for all our resident creatures and do our best to make them as comfortable and happy as possible for the duration of their stay. Nearly all will one day find new owners, but for some who are too old, unwell or suffering any trauma…. this is their last stop, and they will become residents of the sanctuary.

We will be delighted to show you round or give advice on the types of pet available, simply call or write to arrange a visit or get more information. For donations, we are eternally grateful, as are all the furry or feathered creatures. You can make their lives better by sending donations via cheque, postal order or even through the easy, no cost, no fee, charitable PayPal button right here