This site is no longer active please visit the new website and update your bookmarks – http://www.nuneatonwildlife.co.uk/

Since opening our doors to the birds and animals who need care and assistance, in February 2001, we have grown rapidly. We now have over 350 birds and animals in our care and have rehomed countless others. We only ever put creatures to sleep when there is absolutely no alternative, so our residents are here awaiting rehoming or, for those that can’t be rehomed, the rest of their lives.

We have purpose built environments for birds and animals that allow them to live as comfortably and ‘normally’ as possible and our team of carers are dedicated to all our residents. Nuneaton Warwickshire Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the happiest and most interesting places to visit, with a variety of characters the likes of which you will never encounter anywhere else. Each of our residents has a story and some (like Barney) are even happy to share it – in his own inimitable way!

If you would like to come along for a visit, do get in touch to arrange it and we will let the gang know you are coming – they are sure to be excited. If you are considering adopting one of our precious residents, then we will be delighted to assess your circumstances and give you all the information you need, to be sure you are a perfect match. Our assessment process is necessary for any adoption and is quite straightforward. Although none of our residents are ‘for sale’, we have a guide of suggested donations for those adopting.

We would love your support as we survive solely on donations from people like you; you can send a cheque or postal order, drop in with some cash or even use our secure PayPal donation button on this site. The residents are calling out a loud thank you in various voices and Barney just said something unprintable – though we are sure he meant well! They all add that they look forward to seeing you if you can pop in and visit and Barney is holding a claw over his beak pretending he won’t swear at you – but we refuse to believe him.